[ISN] [infowarrior] - Comments on the ADTI report released today

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Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 01:25:20 PDT

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    Subject: [infowarrior] - Comments on the ADTI report released today
    A few comments regarding the just-released 31-page report on Open
    Source Software from the Alexis de Tocqueville Institution.
    This thing reads like an undergraduate term paper. Very little is
    spent talking about OSS and 'security' -- as their press release full
    of 'terrorism' jargon hinted at last week -- rather, most of the paper
    talks about the economic impact that OSS presents to the country and
    software industry, intellectual property theft, innovation, legal
    interpretations, etc. As a result of such FUD-inducing hysteria, it's
    probably - and sadly - going to get widespread media
    coverage....incidentially, the actual report is entitled "Opening the
    Open Source Debate"
    The report fails to acknowledge that any software has problems - and
    that closed-source software (eg, Microsoft) has been plagued with such
    issues. Further, it does not acknowledge that the majority of
    IT-related events, incidents, and vulnerabilities making headlines in
    recent years were NOT caused by OSS or GPL'd products, but from
    closed-source proprietary code.
    The report - especially its 7 concluding points read like a summary of
    Microsoft's courtroom testimony and "freedom to innovate" spin of
    recent years. Bottom line....this report says GPL bad, Closed-Source
    I wonder how much money Redmond paid to this group for this
    fear-mongering tripe.
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