[ISN] Do you sit next to a security risk?

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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 00:52:03 PDT

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    By Vivienne Fisher 
    ZDNet Australia
    June 12, 2002, 7:25 AM PT
    Employees continue to be overlooked as an IT security threat, despite
    the significant destruction they can cause, according to one white
    A white paper released in the United States by Web filtering vendor
    SurfControl found that more than 80 percent of security compromises
    faced by companies came from within.
    The white paper also found that poor security policies and procedures
    and lack of staff education contributed to employees being an IT
    security risk.
    "Whether incidents are due to malicious intent or inadvertent employee
    error, the result is the same: loss of revenue, productivity, and
    potential liability," said author Jack McCullough in a statement about
    the white paper.
    "Many organizations only develop or update policies and procedures in
    reaction to a security compromise," McCullough said. "As a result
    companies are vulnerable, despite spending large sums on security
    products and consultants."
    Charles Heunemann, managing director at SurfControl in Australia,
    estimates that about 90 percent of Australian companies' intellectual
    capital is held in digital format. Heunemann believes it's this which
    makes it a convenient target for unauthorized electronic transfer.
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