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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 00:49:13 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Bill Barrett <bill_barrettat_private>
    This reminds me of another incident that I experienced when I was
    doing consulting.  A company I worked with that shall remain nameless
    was very proud of their secure computing center, featuring all the
    latest devices such as the requirement to use a fingerprint scanner in
    combination with a smart card in order to access the room.  However,
    the drop floor extended to BOTH sides of the secured entrance so all
    that was required was to lift a tile and crawl through the ample floor
    space.  A flaw that was often seen demonstrated by network personnel
    as cables were run.
    > Forwarded from: H C <keydet89at_private>
    > When I worked at Winstar, someone from another department set up a
    > mantrap w/ a retinal scanner to protect the tech center...a data
    > center that housed all servers using for billing, etc.  The mantrap
    > was demonstrated one day, and several people went back and forth
    > successfully (they had already been enrolled).  Then the elevator
    > arrived (we were on the second floor), and the mantrap failed
    > closed...the enrolled user was not authenticated and the mantrap
    > locked.  It turns out that the magnetic field generated by the
    > arriving elevator was enough to play havok w/ the mantrap's
    > systems...which had been installed directly adjacent to the
    > elevators...
    >--- InfoSec News <isnat_private> wrote:
    >> Forwarded from: Thomas Roy Garner
    >> <trgarneat_private>
    >> Your article regarding eye scanners reminds me of the eye scanner we
    >> use @ work.  Now, remember, this only applies to the eye-scanner we
    >> use, other systems may differ:
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