[ISN] Tech managers targeted by cyber criminals

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Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 03:10:08 PDT

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    27 June, 2002
    The head of the UK's cyber police unit has warned that tech managers
    could become victims of kidnappers and organised crime.
    Len Hynds, from the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU), has told
    Computing magazine that computer bosses could be vulnerable to attack
    in the same way as bank managers were targeted in the past.
    Mr Hynds said that the NHTCU had already seen cases of criminal gangs
    blackmailing companies after discovering weaknesses in their computer
    The next step could well be physical risk to technology managers, he
    Tech recruits
    "Organised criminals will intimidate people with access to
    information," he told Computing.
    He warned companies to improve recruitment and to be careful about the
    people they employed in positions with access to computer data.
    Criminal gangs were also likely to start hiring more people with
    technological know-how as computers increasingly become an important
    tool in crime, he said.
    Computer forensic firm Datasec conducts investigations of criminal or
    industrial computer crime and has had cases in which individuals
    within organisations have been targeted for their knowledge about
    sensitive data.
    Distributed responsibility
    Managing director Adrian Reid believes employees with responsibility
    for technology should exercise caution when talking about their work.
    "If someone was going to target the IT manager, he or she will find
    out as much about that individual as they can," he said.
    "Employees in sensitive areas need to be careful about what they say
    about themselves and what information about them is in the public
    arena," he said.
    Nearly three-quarters of UK companies have sensitive data on their
    computer networks and they too must do more to make sure that one
    person does not have sole responsibility for such information.
    "Companies should consider distributing responsibilities," said Mr
    Reid. "It is harder to corrupt a group of people than it is one
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