Re: [ISN] Apple: Taking OS X security seriously -- finally

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Date: Tue Jul 09 2002 - 05:03:24 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Kurt Seifried <listuserat_private>
    To bad apple's software update service is totally insecure (packages
    are not signed at all, no use of https://, etc.). I was about to
    relase an advisory on this sometime this week but someone beat me to
    the punch. If you have a local shell on macosx you can compromise the
    system trivially, local subnet is pretty easy, across the inet it's
    doable as well (need to dns poison/arp poison/etc). Apple is no
    better/worse then the other BSD vendors, same backend, same problems,
    I don't see them finding and fixing a huge number of holes (i.e.
    OpenSSH, Apache...etc.).
    BTW Apple's update for Apache was ~2 weeks late.
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    > Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    > Overall, a good article.....Apple OSX is still one of the more
    > secure out-of-the-box OSes you can find. Few if any services are
    > enabled by default, and those that are are easily disabled if
    > necessary.
    > However, the article fails to mention that Apple promptly admits
    > responsibility when they screw up -- a few months ago Apple released
    > an update to iTunes, its popular MP3 player - but unknowingly, one
    > of its developers included in the install script a unix command to
    > erase a user's data directory!!
    > Not only did Apple pull the upgrade from its website immediately,
    > but within 24 hours a revised installer was posted, along with a
    > statement admitting it was Apple's fault for causing the problem.
    > Further, Apple told those that lost data as a result that it would
    > reimburse them for purchasing disk utilities (eg, Norton stuff)
    > and/or the price to have a professional restore their data. You'll
    > never see this level of public responsibility from other, larger
    > software monopolies.
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