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Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 03:43:58 PDT

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    Fowarded from: Drew Williams <drew928sat_private>
    I'm thinking about the comments made regarding Symantec's anticipated
    product-driving with regard to allowing these new acquisitions to
    continue representing other technologies (not Symantec brands).
    I'll target only the Managed Security portion of Gartner's
    Given that Symantec's previous acquisition of AXENT also brought an
    earlier AXENT acquisition of SNCi, that same speculation surfaced.
    Now, nearly five years after AXENT acquired the San Antonio-based
    consulting and Managed Security Services team, the former SNCi's total
    focus has been on providing consulting and managed security services,
    which have included since the beginning, managing products that have
    competed with the Symantec/AXENT/Raptor products. And business is
    Moreover, when AXENT's SWAT Team first came on the scene, its charter
    was to objectively evaluate all security technologies for flaws and
    strengths--regardless of the manufacturer.
    Again, it seems out of character for Symantec to want to remove that
    market obectivity--especially in an industry such as Managed Security
    Services--where remaining vendor-blind is paramount, and customers
    continue to cherry-pick their technologies of choice.
    Profitability associated with Managed Security Services depend on
    inter-operational integrity and event management/response. Neither of
    these elements is dependent upon product selection, which would, in
    fact, polarize any legitimate MSS offering.
    Drew Williams
    --- InfoSec News <isnat_private> wrote:
    > Symantec Bolsters Security Offerings With More
    > Acquisitions 
    > 19 July 2002 
    > Richard Stiennon   
    > Matthew Easley   
    > Kelly Kavanagh   
    > John Pescatore 
    > Symantec bought four security companies, three of which may spur
    > worries about product independence. Although the deals may trigger
    > more merger and acquisition activity, Gartner sees no significant
    > market shift.
    > Event 
    > On 17 July 2002, Symantec announced it acquired three companies -
    > Recourse Technologies, Riptech and SecurityFocus - for a total of
    > approximately $355 million in cash. On 2 July 2002, Symantec also
    > bought Mountain Wave for $20 million in cash.
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