Re: [ISN] U.S. Businesses at Risk for Major Cyber Attack, IT Pros Say

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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 01:48:28 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rfornoat_private>
    This is simply BSA trying to get some part of the Homeland Security
    Paranoia Pie by releasing a FUDDY report designed to scare instead of
    educate. Your comment about what constitutes an IT Pro are equally
    Remember only last month the ADTI (where did they come from anyway?)
    FUD-filled report claiming OSS was a threat to national security, when
    the report came out it spoke only about economic and legal threats to
    established commercial entities, giving only 3 paragraphs or so to
    In times of war or political uncertainty, FUD reigns supreme over all!    :(
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    > [Rarely do I forward on a raw press release, usually I ask the PR
    > bunnies to send me a news article after the press release is sent
    > out (they almost never do) and that is why its rare to see a raw
    > press release in InfoSec News. This time you will want to read all
    > the fine print of this survey, and maybe in the corner of your
    > office you will hear those Vikings chanting...  FUD, FUD, FUD, FUD,
    > Lovely FUD, Lovely FUD, FUD, FUD, FUD.  :)
    > The major problem I have with this survey is that its from polling
    > 602 IT Pros, and they are using that term lightly. Of the 602 IT
    > Pros surveyed, Other as a job title is the largest group at 30% or
    > 183 people, (11 Information System specialists, 11 Web developers, 9
    > Data services, 8 Computer technicians, 8 Technicians unspecified, 6
    > trainer/retention specialists, 6 Quality Assurance/tester 12 Other
    > technicians specified, 8 Other network posititons, and 93 Other
    > others. (whatever that really is) The next largest group was
    > Executive/Manager with 24% or 146 people and not to bore you with
    > the details the largest job title within that group with 19% is
    > Other executive/manager)
    > 40% of these IT Pros have been at it for five years or less, with
    > 30% of them at 6-15 years.
    > 39% of these IT Pros have no input on purchasing or developing
    > online security or cyber-security. 30% have informal input on these
    > recommendations, 18% have significant input, and 11% make the final
    > recommendations.
    > Being this is a BSA survey, 92% of those surveyed have anti-virus
    > software installed on every computer, I'd be curious to know if
    > everyone of those machines have their own license, or if the network
    > has just one license shared on every machine. :)
    > Nowhere in these survey reports do I see any mention or variation of
    > security professional as a job title, I'm willing to bet a shiny new
    > quarter that you could get the same results from this crowd if asked
    > their opinions on mainframe computer purchases as I am sure these
    > 602 IT Pros can speak as authoritatively on that subject, as they
    > have on cyber security.  I would love to see these survey questions
    > asked to 602 information security professionals and then see the
    > results, but until then, this survey is just more FUD.  - WK]
    > -=-
    > IT Pros Perceive Gap Between Threat of a Major Cyber Attack and U.S.
    > Businesses' Ability to Defend Against It
    > BSA Press Release July 24, 2002
    > Washington, D.C. - The Business Software Alliance (BSA), with its
    > media partner Business 2.0 Magazine, released the results of a poll
    > today of information technology professionals in which half of all
    > IT pros (47%) say that U.S. businesses are at risk of a major cyber
    > attack in the next 12 months. Additionally, nearly 2-in-3 IT Pros
    > (62%) say the risk of a major cyber attack on the U.S. has increased
    > since 9/11. Moreover, more than 2-in-3 IT pros (68%) say there is a
    > gap between the threat of a major cyber attack and U.S. businesses'
    > ability to defend against it. Nearly 3-in-4 IT Pros (71%) say that
    > U.S. businesses should devote more time and resources to defending
    > against cyber attacks than it did to addressing Y2K issues.
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