[ISN] Bin Laden hunt enters cyberspace

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Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 01:32:16 PDT

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    This is a little dated in some respects, as the majority opinion of
    those sources I follow is that Osama is alive and living in a major
    Pakistani urban area, very possibly Karachi, where finding him is
    virtually impossible without some incredible luck Oh well, all will
    eventually become clear.
    Bob Adams
    Bin Laden hunt enters cyberspace
    By John Geralds in Silicon Valley [26-07-2002]
    Web monitored for signs of most-wanted man US intelligence agents in
    pursuit of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden are now monitoring websites
    for messages to his followers.
    Counter-terrorism experts believe they have found markers or code
    words that indicate bin Laden has been attempting to signal to
    supporters that he is alive.
    One intelligence officer said: "It's either bin Laden or an elaborate
    cyber-deception campaign by his lieutenants." Authorities are also
    investigating information from detainees that suggests al-Qaeda
    members - and possibly even bin Laden himself - are using
    steganography to hide messages inside photographic files on
    pornographic websites. And it has been reported that US defence
    secretary Donald Rumsfeld has confirmed that bin Laden, not heard of
    since December, "has good reason not to make further public
    "If he does, he will get caught," Rumsfeld said. But reports have also
    suggested that if bin Laden is still alive, he might be waiting to
    emerge only when another attack occurs. Last week, Abdel-Bari Atwan,
    the editor of London-based Arabic-language magazine al-Quds al-Arabi,
    said that he had been informed by associates of bin Laden that the
    al-Qaeda leader was alive and recovering from a shrapnel wound to his
    "They never indicated where he is," Atwan said. While some
    intelligence officials believe that bin Laden could be hiding in the
    border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, they have concluded that
    no one knows whether or not he is still alive.
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