Re: [ISN] Man indicted in alleged hacking of county's system

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Jul 30 2002 - 00:30:15 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Ejovi Nuwere <ejoviat_private>
    Looks like the first realistic damage cost ever published. The $5,000
    was probably consulting time.
    I wonder if this is how cyber terrorist will destroy America? Breaking
    into our counties wireless infrastructure. Al Queda is probably war
    driving America as we speak.
    ejovi nuwere
    > Puffer is accused of accessing the system March 8, costing the county
    > $5,000 to clean up after the alleged breach.
    > Puffer, a computer security analyst who worked briefly for the
    > county's technology department in 1999, could get five years in prison
    > and a $250,000 fine on each count if he's convicted. Puffer declined
    > to comment Wednesday and referred questions to his attorney, who was
    > not available.
    > District Clerk Charles Bacarisse said no files were compromised, but
    > the county had to shut down the wireless system about a month after it
    > was set up.
    > The county, he said, had intended to use the wireless service to
    > connect personal computers used by court clerks at the Civil Courts
    > Building, 301 Fannin, to their network. The old courthouse can no
    > longer sustain more computer lines, he said.
    > "I'm hopeful we can determine an appropriate way to secure that system
    > well enough to use wireless service," Bacarisse said.
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