Re: [ISN] China pursues arsenal of technology

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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 03:33:44 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Darren Reed <darrenrat_private>
    [For a little more insight, check out Unrestricted Warfare, and if you 
    plan to print it out, have a spare printer cartridge ready since its 
    in excess off 230 pages.  - WK]
    In some email I received from InfoSec News, sie wrote:
    > Among the key weapons are:
    > * Laser guns that can be used to blind soldiers and pilots and
    >   knock out U.S. space-based intelligence and communications networks.
    I'm *really* concerned about this as I thought there was some UN
    treaty where various countries had already agreed not to develop such
    weapons as lasers with the explicit purpose of blinding people ?
    One is given to wonder, however, if that will have any impact on
    "future" pilots, where the person behind the plane is in a bunker and
    not in the plane.
    > * Radio-frequency weapons that will electronically cripple command
    >   and control electronic systems and make it impossible for militaries
    >   hit by the bombs or missile warheads to conduct integrated warfare
    >   operations.
    I've seen it written that America believes these sorts of weapons to
    be "weapons of mass destruction" and they would retaliate in kind if
    attacked so - ie. with nuclear force.
    More than likely, the end result of such weapons would be to wipe out
    consumer electronics but defense equipment designed and placed under
    different protection mechanisms would be less effected.
    Is this the beginning of a new "cold war" ?
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