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Date: Thu Aug 08 2002 - 01:07:23 PDT

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    Subject: STOS Conference, Monterey 8/26 - 30
    [STOS] - The Secure Trusted Operating System Consortium is pleased to
    announce the:
    1st Annual - Mac OS X & BSD Security Symposium
    Monday, August 26, 2002 - Friday August 30, 2002 Hyatt, Monterey, CA
    (across the street from the Naval Post Graduate School)
    Keynote Speaker (Wednesday morning)
    Keith T. Schwalm Director of Infrastructure Protection President's
    Critical Infrastructure Protection Board
    The symposium is targeted to system and lab administrators, programmers,
    developers, strategists, and other technical staff involved in the
    deployment and securing of computer systems.  Past [STOS] events have
    been a networking frenzy for the Mac OS X / Darwin security community.
    This Mac OS X & BSD Security Symposium will follow in the footsteps of
    previous [STOS] events by promoting the sharing of ideas and techniques
    with the goal of maximizing the security of involved systems.  With the
    addition of Robert Watson's TrustedBSD tutorial and several new papers
    on various aspects of BSD based services, brings even more excitement to
    this event.  There is no other event with the same depth of Mac OS X and
    BSD Security subject matter as the Mac OS X and BSD Security Symposium.
    Top 5 Reasons to attend:
    (1) Only place you can get an in-depth tutorial on using TrustedBSD with
          Robert Watson of Network Associates Laboratories and the FreeBSD
          Core Team
    (2) Only place you will find training on Apple's implementation of
          CDSA directly from Apple's data security team
    (3) Unparalleled networking opportunities with those interested in all
          aspects of Mac OS X / Darwin and BSD security.
    (4) Birds of a Feather events every night.
    (5) When else do you get to spend 5 days, during the best time of the
          year, in the legendary beauty of Monterey, California?
    Just a few of the top Tutorials:
    * Building Secure Software
         John Viega, Chief Technical Officer, Secure Software Solutions
    * Introduction to the architecture, design, and implementation of 
         Robert Watson, founder, and head of the TrustedBSD Project
    * Introduction to Smart Cards in Darwin and Mac OS X
         Data Security Team, Apple
    * Introduction to CDSA and Layered Services
         Data Security Team, Apple
    * Intro to PKI with Entrust
         Entrust Implementation Engineers
    * Mac OS X Forensics
         Derrick Donnelly, IS&T Security Manager, Apple
    Conference Dates Monday, August 26, 2002, through Friday August 30, 2002
    Tutorials Monday August 26, through Tuesday August 27, 2002
    Research and Proposals Research Papers and Proposals from Wednesday,
    August 28 through Friday August 30, 2002
    Pricing Discount Deadline:  August 10, 2002
        Full Pass - $795.00
        - 2 days of tutorials
        - 3 days of research
        - 5 days of nightly BOF's
       Research Pass - $299.00
       - 3 days of research
       - 3 days of BOF's
    After August 10, 2002 prices go up to
    Full Pass - $995.00
    Research Pass - $499.00
    *NOTE:   Limited to the first 150
    About the [STOS] Consortium
    [STOS] Website:	http://www.stosdarwin.org/
    The [STOS] Consortium represents the formal coordination of Public,
    Private and Academic sectors in an environment of open collaboration to
    enhance the security of Operating Systems built on the Darwin Open
    Source project at Apple.
    We look forward to seeing you all in Monterey, CA !
    Shawn Geddis Chairman, [STOS] Consortium geddisat_private
    [STOS] Secure Trusted OS Consortium
    Website:		http://www.stosdarwin.org/ Mail
    Lists:	http://lists.stosdarwin.org/
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