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Date: Mon Aug 12 2002 - 00:27:53 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Len Sassaman <rabbiat_private>
    CodeCon 2.0
    February 2003, San Francisco CA, USA
    Call For Papers
    CodeCon is the premier showcase of active hacker projects. It is an
    excellent opportunity for developers to demonstrate their work, and
    for coding hackers to find out about what's going on in their
    All presentations must be accompanied by functional applications,
    ideally open source. Presenters must be one of the active developers
    of the code in question. We emphasize that demonstrations be of
    *working* code, and reproducible by other people. Throughout the
    event, we will have several kiosks and local servers available for
    demonstration purposes.
    CodeCon strongly encourages presenters from non-commercial and
    academic backgrounds to attend for the purposes of collaboration and
    the sharing of knowledge by providing free registration to workshop
    presenters and discounted registration to full-time students.
    We hereby solicit papers and demonstrations.
       * Papers and proposals due: December 1, 2002
       * Authors notified: December 15, 2002
       * Demonstration materials due: January 15, 2003
    The focus of CodeCon is on working applications which:
       * enhance individual power and liberty
       * can be discussed freely, either by virtue of being open source or
         having a published protocol, and preferably free of intellectual
         property restrictions
       * are generally useful, either directly to a large number of users, or
         as an example of technology applicable to a larger audience
       * demonstrate novelty in technical approaches, security assumptions, and
         end-user functionality
    Possible topics include, but are by no means restricted to:
       * development tools - languages, debuggers, version control
       * file sharing systems - swarming distribution, distributed search
       * community-based web sites - forums, weblogs, personals
       * security products - mail encryption, intrusion detection, firewalls
    Presentations will be a 45 minutes long, with 15 minutes allocated for
    Q&A. Overruns will be truncated.
    Submission details:
    Submissions are being accepted immediately. Acceptance dates are
    September 1, November 1, and December 1. On each acceptance date,
    submissions will be either accepted, rejected, or deferred to the next
    acceptance date.
    The conference language is English.
    All submissions should be accompanied by source code or an
    application. When possible, we would prefer that the application be
    available for interactive use during the workshop, either on a
    presenter-provided demonstration machine or one of the conference
    Ideally, demonstrations should be usable by attendees with 802.11b
    connected devices either via a web interface, or locally on Windows,
    UNIX-like, or MacOS platforms. Cross-platform applications are most
    Our venue may be 21+. If you are submitting and are under 21, please
    advise the program committee; we may consider alternate venues for one
    or more days of the event. If you have a specific day on which you
    would prefer to present, please advise us.
    To submit, send mail to submissionsat_private including the
    following information:
       * Project name
       * url of project home page
       * tagline - one sentence or less summing up what the project does
       * names of presenter(s) and urls of their home pages, if they have any
       * one-paragraph bios of presenters (optional)
       * project history, no more than a few sentences
       * what will be done in the project demo
       * major achievement(s) so far
       * claim(s) to fame, if any
       * future plans
    Conference Producers and co-chairs: Bram Cohen, Len Sassaman
    Program Committee:
       * Tina Bird, Counterpane
       * Bram Cohen, BitTorrent
       * Roger Dingledine, The Freehaven Project
       * Jered Floyd, Permabit
       * Paul Holman, The Shmoo Group
       * Ben Laurie, The Apache Foundation
       * Don Marti, Linux Journal
       * Jordan Ritter, Cloudmark
       * Len Sassaman, Nomen Abditum Services
       * Rodney Thayer, The Tillerman Group
       * Jamie Zawinski, DNA Lounge
    If your organization is interested in sponsoring CodeCon, we would
    love to hear from you. In particular, we are looking for sponsors for
    social meals and parties on any of the three days of the conference,
    as well as sponsors of the conference as a whole, prizes or awards for
    quality presentations, scholarships for qualified applicants, and
    assistance with transportation or accommodation for presenters with
    limited resources. If you might be interested in sponsoring any of
    these aspects, please contact the conference organizers at
    Press policy:
    CodeCon strives to be a conference for developers, with strong
    audience participation. As such, we need to limit the number of
    complimentary passes non-developer attendees. Press passes are limited
    to one pass per publication, and must be approved prior to the
    registration deadline (to be announced later). If you are a member of
    the press, and interested in covering CodeCon, please contact us early
    by sending email to pressat_private Members of the press who do
    not receive press-passes are welcome to participate as regular
    conference attendees.
    If you have questions about CodeCon, or would like to contact the
    organizers, please mail codecon-adminat_private Please note this
    address is only for questions and administrative requests, and not for
    workshop presentation submissions.
    Please note: do not email the old addresses at "codecon.org". Use
    "codecon.info", or else they will not reach us.
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