[ISN] Infosec means NOTHING to Joe SixPack

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Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 02:36:50 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Rob Rosenberger <junkmailat_private>
    I uploaded the audio from my opening keynote last week at CERT conference
    2002.  Two MP3 files, 55:25 total time:
       Part 1: "You mean NOTHING to Joe SixPack"
       Part 2: "Security experts need to lighten up"
               followed by a Q&A session
    I've wanted to do a keynote like this for a looooong time.  I've
    wanted to put computer security experts in their place by telling them
    just how little they mean to Joe SixPack.  You'll notice I start out
    with comedy & laughter ... but the giggles slowly dissolve as I
    venture toward Joe SixPack's preoccupation with physical terrorism
    after 9/11.
    An important quote near the end of part 1:
    "This is a picture of a woman [who jumped from a WTC tower]...  
    SPLAT!  Nine seconds to die.  Not once did she think about you.  Not
    once did she think about 'wow, what's happening to all my computers on
    the 78th floor as I plummet to my death?' Not once did she care.  Not
    once did the people who were watching this care about you.  That's
    what's really sad here.  And what you want to do as a society ... is
    you want to take billions of dollars away from people who watched the
    towers collapse.  Who ran from a 25mph 20-story-tall billowing wall of
    smoke.  You want to take billions of dollars away from them and you
    want to put it into a cyber-terrorism pot.  And you want to take money
    out of that, and you want to protect them from electrons..."
    In part 1, I bashed a speaker in the audience who "verbally confirmed"
    the mafia now does hits over the Internet.  I also talked about how Al
    Qaeda might exploit the computer security industry (at least twice!)
    as idiotic pawns in future physical terrorism events.  "Fool me once,
    shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me..."  In part 3, I described
    the co-dependent relationship between CERT & NIPC, plus I laid heavily
    into CERT director Richard Pethia.  (Listen for my "hey Richard, as
    one woman to another..." quip.)
    Everyone who frets about computer security should listen to this
    audio. Enough said.
    Rob Rosenberger, Vmyths editor
    Truth about computer virus hysteria
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