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Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 05:38:50 PDT

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    When I should have been updating my resume, I was adding and tweaking
    C4I.org. Honestly I can partially blame this to the case of RedBull I
    bought earlier this weekend at Costco.
    There really should be an artists rendition of me at the registers of
    the local Costco's warning the cashiers not to sell cases of RedBull
    to this individual. :)
    Thanks to Jay Dyson, we now have buttons! and you can download them
    at: http://www.c4i.org/propaganda.html
    I've also gotten around to adding a separate news page 
    ( http://www.c4i.org/news.html ) where I hope to update this on a more
    regular basis than the main C4I.org page, which has also been updated
    as of August 15th. ( http://www.c4i.org/ )
    The next thing I need to work on is a thank you page for those fans of 
    InfoSec News / C4I.org that contributed (Some up to $300) to the 
    server fund. - http://www.c4i.org/contribute.html
    I also need to add the Amazon Honor System to the above mentioned page
    for those of you that would like to contribute a few dollars but don't
    trust PayPal. Give this a few more days.
    I will go into detail later on in the week about Blackhat & Defcon,
    but while there, I have basically secured hosting, now I have to worry
    about finding a nice solid 1U box to send to their data centre.
    I'll have more details about that in the near future.
    Also in its third year, there was a small batch of Defcon C4I.org
    shirts, when I get pics and quantities of shirts left over I'll post
    the URL and skinny on how to buy them. They were a big hit with the
    .gov/.mil crowd, and a must purchase for your favorite information
    operations warrior!
    Have a safe and successful week!
    William Knowles
    "Communications without intelligence is noise;  Intelligence
    without communications is irrelevant." Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
    C4I.org - Computer Security, & Intelligence - http://www.c4i.org
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