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Date: Mon Aug 19 2002 - 05:39:55 PDT

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    By William Matthews 
    Aug. 16, 2002
    The changing of the guard at the FBI goes on.
    The latest shuffle has produced a new director for investigative 
    technologies and a chief for the Cyber Crime Section. 
    These appointments -- and a half dozen others announced Aug. 13  are 
    the latest in a housecleaning that has led to new bosses in posts 
    ranging from chief of records management to chief information officer.
    Thomas Richardson has been named assistant director in charge of the 
    Investigative Technologies Division.
    An FBI agent for 27 years, Richardson moves to the technology post 
    from serving as acting deputy assistant director of the Criminal 
    Investigative Division's Financial Crimes, Integrity in 
    Government/Civil Rights, Operational Support and Administrative 
    During his career, Richardson also has served as chief of a Middle 
    East terrorism unit, agent in charge of the Omaha Division and as an 
    agent in Washington, D.C., Chicago and Omaha.
    Keith Lourdeau has been named chief of the Cyber Crime Section, part 
    of a new Cyber Division created this year to improve the FBI's ability 
    to investigate Internet and computer system crimes. 
    Lourdeau has worked for the FBI for 16 years. His most recent 
    assignment was to work with the CIA to establish greater cooperation 
    between it and the FBI in targeting international organized crime 
    groups, according to the FBI.
    Mueller also announced the retirement of Dale Watson, the FBI's senior 
    counter-terrorism official. Watson, whose title is executive assistant 
    director, served in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence posts 
    for 20 years. 
    The appointments and retirement are the latest in a long string of 
    ousters and appointments since Mueller took over as FBI director a 
    year ago amid calls for sweeping bureau reform.
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