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Date: Tue Aug 20 2002 - 05:39:05 PDT

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    Monday, 19 August, 2002
    Australian hackers have taken the practice of looking for open
    wireless networks to new heights.
    Before now many curious hackers have taken to cars and bicycles to
    look for wireless network nodes that are free for everyone to use or
    are inadequately protected.
    But the Australians have them all beaten by using a light aircraft to
    fly over the city of Perth and look for the wireless nodes from 460
    metres (1500 feet) up.
    During their flight the group found up to 95 wireless nodes.
    Sky-high net
    To find the nodes the team, who are involved with the e3 wireless
    weblog, used a handheld iPaq computer and a laptop fitted with
    software that can spot wireless networks.
    The four flew in a Grumman Tiger aircraft and followed a looping
    flight path over the Australian city.
    Wireless networks are popular in Perth. It has more than 400 nodes
    operating within it.
    Many companies and organisations are turning to wireless networks to
    link computers together to replace some of the cables usually needed
    to connect machines.
    Some of the networks are being set up to let anyone get fast and cheap
    net access and advertise their existence. Others can be found or used
    because they are doing a poor job of securing them.
    The group dubbed the practice of using a plane to find wireless nodes
    "warstorming", a word made up of "wardriving" and "barnstorming".
    In the early days of computer hacking many people programmed their
    machines to dial through long lists of telephone numbers searching for
    ones that answered with a data tone.
    That practice became known as "wardialling". It has inspired several
    other types of searching including "wardriving", which involves using
    a car to look for wireless nodes, and "warwalking" which is done on
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