[ISN] Stolen data reveal undercover cops

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Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 01:32:35 PDT

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    [John Young has a copy of the leaked information at: 
    http://cryptome.org/aid-nia-db.htm  - WK]
    By Bob Sullivan
    Aug. 20 2002
    Surveillance firm's client list is stolen and posted on Internet; 
    undercover police officers, Secret Service names revealed
    Computer intruders have allegedly broken into the online files of a 
    Florida company that provides surveillance technology to the U.S. 
    military, federal agencies and local police forces, and posted 
    confidential information, including the names and email addresses of 
    undercover police officers on a public Web site, MSNBC.com has 
    INFORMATION ABOUT UNDERCOVER narcotics officers, U.S. Secret 
    Service Investigators, Department of Defense special agents and 
    hundreds of other local and federal law enforcement workers was 
    revealed when the data from Audio Intelligence Devices Inc.'s files 
    were posted on the Internet. 
    The Florida-based private company sells highly specialized 
    video surveillance equipment and teaches spy courses to federal 
    agencies and local police forces in the United States, and to some 
    foreign governments.
    Lon D. Guarino, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Audio 
    Intelligence Devices did not answer questions about the incident, but 
    in an e-mail to MSNBC.com defended the company's security practices.
    "Contrary to any recent reports, Audio Intelligence Devices is 
    confident in its current security practices and treats its customer 
    information with complete confidentiality," Guarino wrote. "We are 
    actively investigating the origin of the information in question at 
    this time."
    MSNBC.com contacted each law enforcement official whose e-mail 
    address was taken from the AID files and listed on an Internet page -
    349 in all. Of those who replied, none said they knew their 
    information had been made public until they were contacted by 
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