[ISN] Hackers rally round Deceptive Duo

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 02:06:22 PDT

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    By James Middleton 
    Defacers threaten action if pair are jailed
    As two of the most notorious hackers of the past year await trial for
    their 'patriotic' website defacement spree, other members of the
    hacker underground have threatened action if the pair go down.  Last
    week vnunet.com was contacted by a hacker known as Splurge, an
    ex-member of the notorious Sm0ked Crew website defacement group.
    He warned that a number of ex-hackers, including himself, would return
    to their old ways if a pair of defacers known as the Deceptive Duo
    were sent to prison.
    The Duo were arrested by the Feds in May and are still awaiting trial.  
    In the month before they were picked up, they became the bane of
    federal and military websites, defacing machines in the name of
    The pair claimed that their "mission" was to reveal potentially
    dangerous weaknesses in the US infrastructure in the aftermath of 11
    The Duo comprised 18 year-old Robert Lyttle, who had previously made
    headlines as pro-Napster hacker Pimshiz, and an as yet unidentified
    member of Sm0ked Crew known only as The-Rev.
    Splurge announced that he was leaving the hacking scene during an
    interview with vnunet.com in February, but hinted last week that he
    may come out of retirement.
    "Both [hackers] were very good friends of mine and The-Rev was my
    partner in Sm0ked Crew. These were good guys attacking the guys who
    tried to destroy our country," he said.
    "If the Government locks them up I hope they realise that some of
    those guys' friends, including myself, won't stay dormant anymore."
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