[ISN] FiestaCrow 2003 "Call-for-Papers" Deadline 15 November 2002

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Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 00:15:56 PDT

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    Forwarded from: D. A. K. Proctor <dakproctorat_private>
    Outlined below are the theme and session topics for the 2003
    FiestaCrow Symposium. This is an initial call for papers of interest
    related to the overall theme and these technical sessions.  All AOC
    Western Region Symposium technical papers should be provided in
    computer generated format. The papers will be provided on both CD-ROM
    and hard copy at the symposium. Original manuscripts are reduced to
    77% of their original size. The symposium theme and technical session
    topics are provided in the next section.
    All papers must be prepared according to these instructions.
    Papers are due by 15 November 2002.
    The FiestaCrow 2003 theme will draw on current world events and
    actions related to the counter-terrorism conflicts as well as the
    heightened interest in Homeland Defense of the United States. After
    the events of Sep 11, new interest and focus has evolved on the use of
    Information Warfare (IW) to support full spectrum operations.
    Increased emphasis on areas such as integrated air, space, and
    information operations;  effects based operations (both defensive and
    offensive); the weaponization process for IW, and expanded use of the
    perception management portions of IW are all worth exploring through
    the technical track of FiestaCrow 2003.
    Session 1: Effects based operations and Information Operations.
    Information Operations (IO) and Information Warfare (IW) are enablers
    to the overall mission plan developed for theater operations. In
    today's environment, the Combatant Commander is building a plan to
    accomplish specific objectives and complete planning guidance. To this
    end every task, sub-task, and action should provide some impact
    (effect) to the mission. IO/IW expands the range of options available
    to the Combatant Commander allowing both kinetic and non-kinetic
    options as well as short term as well as long term effects. This track
    will investigate the role of IO/IW in effects-based offensive and
    defensive operational planning.
    Session 2: Information Operations and the role of strategic influence 
    and perception management.
    US adversaries have made excellent use of perception management in
    every operation conducted over the past 15 years. This session will
    review past attempts at using the perception management aspect of
    Information Operations as well as look to the future uses of this
    powerful tool. The use of PSYOPS, Deception, Counter-Deception, Public
    Affairs, and more will be examined in this track.
    Session 3: IO/IW in support of Homeland Defense. What role can and is 
    the military playing?
    Track will investigate the support that the military has and continues
    to provide to the other elements of government post 9-11. This
    includes looking at intelligence support, technology, and lessons
    learned. The track will consider support at the national, state, and
    local levels.
    Desired format for manuscripts is in Microsoft Word 95 or higher, 
    single-spaced, in one column as indicated on this
    paper. A 10 cpi font is preferred. Do not type your paper in two 
    columns. Indent each paragraph and leave a double
    space between paragraphs. Do not exceed left- or right-hand margins, 
    and do not type text below the bottom margin. Use
    8  X 11 inch paper with  inch margins on the sides,  inch margin on 
    the top, and 1  inch margin on the bottom.
    Format for the paper should be as follows:
    1. Title, Author, and Organization.
    2. Summary of the Paper. Do not place Summary on a page by itself.
    3. Text of the Paper, with all line illustrations in place. Text 
       should immediately follow Summary.
    4. Bibliography or List of References. Where the citation occurs in 
       the text, use a prime numeral, but list all references at the end 
       of the paper rather than at the bottom of the pages.
    Professional Program Chair:  
    J. Michael Kretzer, Senior Intelligence Professional
    Technical Director, Air Force Information Warfare Center
    102 Hall Boulevard - Suite 345
    San Antonio, Texas 78243 USA
    (210) 977-2094    (DSN 969-2094)
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