Re: [ISN] Alberta hackers find wireless networks wide open

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Date: Sun Sep 08 2002 - 23:15:48 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Nick Jacobsen <nickat_private>
    I thought I'd toss in a quick overview of results in Portland, OR.  
    Hardware was a linksys ver 2.5 internal antenna wireless pcmcia card
    in a IBM laptop running RedHat...  Transportation was just a bike with
    the laptop in a backpack.  I was out for less then 4 hours, just
    riding around downtown, and found over 80 access points, of which 7
    were using both wep AND not broadcasting SSID, 4 were NOT using wep
    and were not broadcasting SSID, and the rest were WIDE open...
    Nick Jacobsen
    Ethics Design
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    > Forwarded from: Kurt Seifried <listuserat_private>
    > Actually when I did a quick wardrive of Edmonton I hit my first
    > wireless LAN <2 minutes from starting (but it was wep enabled, which
    > was good), unfortunately I found more like 75-80% were completely
    > insecure, and the coolest thing is I was able to get a few hits on
    > downtown 802.11 access points from across the river valley (so line of
    > sight, but a good mile or so). I also tried "wardriving" just leaving
    > my laptop in connect mode, i.e. not running netstumbler/etc, it
    > connected succesfully to wlan AP's a dozen time or so while I was
    > driving around (just need to convince more people to buy AP's so we
    > can have free mobile inet =). Driving up and down calgary trail
    > quickly also resulted in mass amounts of insecure wlans. Reminds me of
    > driving home from calgary, I was bored so turned the laptop on, while
    > doing 120 kph I was able to pick up two dozen wlan on highway 2 just
    > coming out of calgary (didn't expect that).
    > Kurt Seifried, kurtat_private
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