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Date: Tue Sep 10 2002 - 00:19:40 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Marjorie Simmons <lawyerat_private>
    [I just put together a P4 box for myself -- not sure after reading
    this whether I'm vexed to have bought before this new toy
    is released, or whether I'm glad to get an 'unadulterated' P4.
    Time will tell ....   -- Marjorie Simmons ]
    Mon, Sep. 09, 2002
    AP Technology Writer
    SAN JOSE, Calif. - In the latest attempt to protect digital
    information from viruses and hackers, Intel Corp. will integrate
    advanced security features into its microprocessors and other
    The security features, announced Monday at the Intel's conference for
    developers, will be implemented in processors as early as next year,
    said Paul Otellini, Intel's president and chief operating officer.
    Code-named LaGrande Technology, the features will create a "vault" in
    which data is safely stored and processed. Intel also will secure the
    pathways within the computer, such as between the vault and the
    display or keyboard.
    "It's a new level of safer computing," Otellini said during a keynote
    The company did not release many details about LaGrande but said it
    will work in conjunction with other hardware and software-based
    security efforts such as Microsoft Corp.'s Palladium.
    Such technologies are designed to not only keep hackers and viruses
    from infiltrating data stored or being processed on a computer but
    also could lock music or video files onto a particular computer,
    preventing unauthorized sharing or duplication.
    In other developments at the conference, Intel said it will soon start
    selling Pentium 4 processors with a new technology that effectively
    tricks software into thinking it is running on two processors instead
    of one.
    The technology, called "hyper-threading," is already in production in
    processors used in servers. Otellini said it will be included in
    Pentium 4s running at 3 gigahertz by the end of the year.
    Intel also said it will continue to drive the speed of its processors.  
    During one demonstration, a Pentium 4 set a new speed record - 4.7
    Shares of Intel closed 14 cents lower, to $16.08, in Monday trading on
    the Nasdaq Stock Market.
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