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Date: Mon Sep 23 2002 - 01:04:12 PDT

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    Fowarded from: h1kari <h1kariat_private>
    We would like to invite everyone to ToorCon 2002 this year which is on
    the 27-29th of September. We have just recently released our finalized
    speaker lineup and it looks like it'll be one of ToorCon's best years
    yet. This is a final reminder that ToorCon will be this weekend, so
    mark your calendars if you haven't already!
    ToorCon is a comprehensive three day computer security extraveganza
    featuring lectures from some of the top experts in the field, hands-on
    demonstrations of the newest approaches to computer security, and a
    competitive game called RootWars which tests your penetration and
    defensive skills in a real-time simulation. It will be held on
    September 27-29th in Downtown San Diego and starts off with a
    reception the The Bristol Hotel on 1055 First Ave., San Diego, CA
    92101 (right across the street from the Concourse). The Conference
    will take place on Saturday, September 28th and Sunday, September 29th
    in the Grand Ballroom at the Westin Horton Plaza San Diego on 910
    Broadway Circle, San Diego, CA 92101.
    The venue of the talks has changed from the San Diego Concourse to the
    Westin Horton Plaza Hotel. Due to the increased number of attendees,
    the Westin will be able to facilitate growth a lot better. It also has
    a better atmosphere and is closer to San Diego Attractions. The
    reception will still be at the Bristol's Starlight Ballroom like last
    year. Currently all rooms at the Bristol are sold out, most of the
    surrounding hotel have vacancies.
    Westin Horton Plaza Hotel
    910 Broadway Circle
    San Diego, CA 92101
    WWW: http://www.starwood.com/westin/search/hotel_detail.html?propertyID=1009
    Saturday - September 28th 2002 - Track 1
    0900 Door Opens - Registration Begins
    1000 Keynote Speaker - Jay D. Dyson on The Myth of Cyberterrorism
    1130 Stealth Data Dispersal: ICMP Moon-Bounce - Saqib A. Khan
    1300 Lunch Break
    1430 TiVo Hacking - tommEE pickles
    1600 Utilizing Ricochet Without the Ricochet Network - Petty Larceny
    1730 The Requiem Project: Systems Hardening and Policy Rollout in
         Heterogenerous Environments - Peter Bartoli
    1900 IKE Security Problems with IPSec VPNs - Anton Rager
    2030 End of Day
    Saturday - September 28th 2002 - Track 2
    0900 Door Opens - Registration Begins
    1130 Forensic Shortcomings in the Prosecutorial System (Why not to get
         Prosecuted 101) - Jay Doscher
    1300 Lunch Break
    1430 Flash and Crash: SWF Protocol and Problems - panic
    1600 SNMP and Enterprise Management Security - DJSweetSensation
    1730 Black Ops of TCP/IP: Advanced Network Disconstruction - Dan Kaminsky
    1900 Functioning as Designed: Hacking Software Without Special Exploits -
         Mr. Rufus Faloofus
    2030 End of Day
    Sunday - September 29th 2002
    1000 Door Opens - Registration Begins
    1100 Fundamental Flaws in Network Operating System Design - Jeremiah Gowdy
    1230 Lunch Break
    1400 PHP Authentication Mechanisms (Securing your PHP Application) - Dennis
         W. Mattison
    1530 Peer 2 Peer Protection: Utilizing Invisibility & Anonymity to Protect
         Security - Lance James
    1700 Recent Developments in Honeynet Technology - Bill McCarty
    1830 Fed Panel
    2000 Ending Notes
    We have closed pre-registration and rsvp already, so if you haven't
    registered yet, you must do so at the door. Registration at the door
    this year is $75. The reason for the increase in price is we want to
    make enough money to roll over for the next year. Last year we barely
    broke even and the year before we were $1000 under. Our focus is
    having the BEST talks you can find at real people prices - with out
    having to file for bankruptcy :).
    This year we are bring back Root Wars. We suggest you bring your
    laptop and join the fun. We will have a wireless network up thanks to
    the guys from BAWUG. Bodoman will be back and he will be bring tons of
    gear down to sell and give away for prizes. There will be new contests
    this year, including raffle giveaways.
    We are still accepting sponsors, if you or your company is interested
    in sponsorship opportunities, please reply to this message.
    September 27th 2002
    - ToorCon 2002
    David Hulton <h1kariat_private>
    Chairman, ToorCon Computer Security Conference
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