FW: [ISN] Microsoft issues 51st security bulletin of the year

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    For those who are paying attention. "Patching" an antivirus program is
    not fixing a hole, it's adding to a signature definition so the
    program knows what a virus looks like. Microsoft, Sun, Mac, or any
    other software company that produce "Security Patches" for their
    products are fixing holes. Big gaping ones. Some you could drive a bus
    Point being, Microsoft has market share of product, and spotlight.
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      >>Almost one and a half vulnerabilities a week for
      >>those of you keeping score at home.
    You mean for all Microsoft products combined, right?  How does it
    compare to ONE product from any large antivirus vendor?
    C'mon, Bill.  How many antivirus patches did you install this year
    alone? How many times did you plug security holes in McAfee or Norton
    or Sophos? Do the people around you instinctively click the "download
    the latest antivirus security patches now" button when CNN announces a
    new virus?
    Why do security experts consistently use the plural form of "patch"
    when they talk about antivirus software?
    Shallow-thinking security experts chide Microsoft and applaud
    antivirus vendors for doing exactly the same thing.  And Microsoft
    ONLY does it ~1.5 times per week for all of their products combined!  
    No wonder Bill Gates envies the antivirus industry...
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