[ISN] IMF and World Bank Gatherings Could Prompt Cyber Attacks - FBI

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Date: Wed Sep 25 2002 - 23:34:21 PDT

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    By Brian Krebs
    washingtonpost.com Staff Writer
    Tuesday, September 24, 2002; 3:32 PM 
    The FBI is urging network security experts to be on guard against
    cyber protests timed to coincide with planned demonstrations
    surrounding this week's meetings of the International Monetary Fund
    and World Bank in Washington, D.C.
    In an alert sent to hundreds of companies that own and operate the
    nation's most vital information networks, the FBI's National
    Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) yesterday warned that "a small
    group that intends to disrupt the meetings with a physical attack may
    use cyber means to enhance the effects of the physical attack or to
    complicate the response by emergency services to the attack."
    "The cyber portion of this attack can be executed by sympathetic
    hackers or by mercenary hackers seeking publicity," NIPC said.
    Despite the urgency of the warning, the FBI "has no credible evidence"  
    of an imminent threat, an agency spokesman said.
    "This is really just to put companies on alert to be aware of the
    potential for such an attack," NIPC's Paul Bresson said. "In the days
    of post 9-11, we'd be remiss if we were aware of a potential threat
    and didn't at least put people on notice about it."
    Chris Rouland, director of X-Force, the research and development arm
    of Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems, said there are no signs as
    yet that protesters have turned to "hacktivism," save for one Web site
    promoting the idea of a "protester scavenger hunt."
    Rouland dismissed the notion that protesters might target the nation's
    communications networks or electric power grid.
    "Too often, hacktivism is confused with cyberterrorism," he said.  
    "These people are trying to send a message, not disrupt cyber
    But he said hackers have shown a penchant for mischief during previous
    global finance meetings.
    Last year, hackers broke into the Web site for the World Economic
    Forum and gained access to a confidential list of 27,000 names,
    including credit card and phone numbers for summit participants. In
    February, a cyber assault disabled the same site during the forum's
    meeting in New York.
    "It's very easy to fault these alerts, but overall I think they are
    very valuable because they tend to raise awareness of weak spots,"  
    Rouland said.
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