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Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 00:11:58 PDT

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    > http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2002/09/20020918-12.html
    Established by Executive Order 13231, NIAC will make recommendations
    regarding the security of the cyber and information systems of the United
    States' national security and economic critical infrastructures. The
    Committee will also examine ways that partnerships between the public and
    private sectors can be enhanced to improve cyber security. 
    Let's break down this advisory board by title...
    1 Chairman/President/CEO 
    8 Chairman/CEO 
    2 President/CEO 
    3 Chairman 
    1 Vice Chairman 
    2 CEO 
    1 COO 
    1 President 
    1 Executive Vice President
    1 Governor 
    1 Mayor  
    1 Police Comissioner
    1 Chief of Police
    That's a whole bunch of people that likely get their e-mail printed and
    handed to them.
    Now, let's see if any of them have an interesting track record with
    > Alfred R. Berkeley III, Vice Chairman, NASDAQ Stockmarket Inc. 
       Domain Name: NASDAQ-AMEX.COM
       Administrative Contact:
          Nasd DNS Admin  (ND542-ORG)               nasdadminat_private
          Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc
          9513 Keywest Ave
          Rockville , MD 20850
          Fax- 301.590.6374
    > L. George Martinez, Chairman, Sterling Bank and Sterling Bancshares Inc.
       Domain Name: BANKSTERLING.COM
       Administrative Contact:
          Throgmorton, David  (DT5737)              throgmorat_private
          Sterling Bank
          15000 Northwest Frwy
          Houston , TX 77040
          713 507-7781 (FAX) 713 896-9159
    > John W. Thompson, Chairman and CEO, Symantec Corporation 
    > Thomas E. Noonan, Chairman, President and CEO, Internet Security
    > Systems, Inc.
    ISS' ethics have been called into question repeatedly for the last several
    > Enrique Hernandez, Jr., President and CEO, Inter-Con Security Systems
    > Inc.
    Interesting, searching for Inter-Con Security Systems (since that name
    didnt ring a bell), the first hit i get is:
    second hit is interesting:
    another article calls them "the largest privately held security services
    firm in the world" 
    he is a UnitedWay board member...
    and 30 hits into google, all i can see is that they provide guards for
    buildings and have no easy to find web page. 
    > Maynard G. Webb, CEO, e-Bay 
    > William F. Owens, Governor of Colorado 
    > Jorge Santini, Mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico 
    These two are "security experts"?
    > Karen Katen, President, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals and Executive Vice
    > President, Pfizer Inc. 
    All in all, I really don't get a warm fuzzy when thinking these people
    are going to help figure out how to protect our infrastructure.
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