[ISN] Intellnet to go down?

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Oct 23 2002 - 23:40:09 PDT

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    I got word of this eariler in the week, it will be sad to see another 
    quality free site shut down due to lack of funds. Intellnet was one of 
    the few sites during September 11th to provider news when all the 
    other major news sites were overwelmed with traffic.  - WK
    In approximately 3 weeks (around November 11) IntellNet will be taken
    down. Due to changes in ownership and management of the company
    hosting our site, the new prices cannot be met by the person leasing
    the space and bandwith for this server. For all of you who have
    enjoyed the contribution we have attempted to make to the publics
    "need to know", I hope you were pleased with the site over the course
    of the last three years. Additionally, if there is anyone out there
    willing to help the site, please email me bjisoldiat_private I
    am looking for a colo facility willing to host my server for free (or
    nearly free) or a person who understands the value in this site who
    would be willing to subsidize the monthly colo payments. Such a
    donation would allow the site to remain online and allow us to
    continue contributing. Otherwise, it has been a pleasure to work for
    the public to disseminate to them the information they needed.
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