Re: [ISN] Hackers could be planning major attack, says White House

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Date: Mon Nov 18 2002 - 05:26:12 PST

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    At 01:41 AM 11/14/02 -0600, InfoSec News wrote:
     >Sachs said there has been a longstanding myth that
     >open source technologies are safer than proprietary systems
     >because their design can be improved by anyone who wants
     >to examine them. The Slapper worm is helping to dispel that
     >notion, he said.
    The only myth that needs dispelling around here is that monolithic
    proprietary software vendors have any economic incentive to improve
    their security.  Open Source never claimed to be bullet-proof, but the
    statement here that proprietary software is somehow less susceptible
    to security flaws is flatly contradicted by the simplest observable
    statistics.  Look up the number of serious vulnerabilities in any
    given proprietary product over the past year and compare that to the
    number discovered in any comparable Open Source offering.  I think
    you'll find that the assertion that Open Source is 'safer' is still
    quite valid.
    This is just another subtle piece of mudslinging by folks in the upper
    echelons of government who are dedicated to helping Microsoft and
    other proprietary vendors maintain their iron grip on the industry.  
    It's not as though we haven't been through this before (Standard Oil,
    U. S. Steel, ad nauseum).  Those who cannot remember the past are
    (obviously) condemned to repeat it.
    Robert G. Ferrell
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    you have forgotten your aim."
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