Re: [ISN] RIAA defaced -again!

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 22:59:17 PST

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    [With apologies to Murray Langston...  ;)  - WK] 
    I think it is obvious that the RIAA has the resources to stop these
    defacements.  Has anybody considered the possibility that maybe the
    RIAA wants their web site to be hacked repeatedly?  They could use
    such events to help paint a more convincing, darker picture of their
    "enemies", and they could use these hacks as ammunition in court and
    before Congress to help justify stricter laws, more freedom for the
    RIAA to take offensive action themselves, etc.  Also, the RIAA might
    get more sympathy from judges and lawmakers, and even some of the
    general public.
    When kids deface the RIAA web site and provide links to filesharing
    software, then that software is consequently going to be associated
    with criminal activity and criminals.
    By Drew Cullen
    Posted: 11/01/2003 at 22:06 GMT
    Reader reports are flooding in that the has been defaced -
    again. At time of writing, the site appears to be down, And several
    readers have been kind enough to include screen grabs, showing that
    the front page today carried the following message.
    RIAA - 0wn3d by.... ;p
    oooh riaa want's to hack Filesharing Users / Servers ? - better lern
    to secure your own server...
    Sorry Admin - had to deactivate ur accounts - they'll be reactivated
    after 2 hours
    greetz : Rage_X, BRAiNBUG, SyzL0rd, BSJ, PsychoD + all the others who
    want to stay anonymous :]
    wanna contact ? mailto:h4x0r0815at_private
    Underneath the greets, there is a list of RIAA 'recommended'
    file-sharing tools, such as KaZaA and eDonkey. Downloads from these
    sites are 'sponsored by'.
    The RIAA site has been hacked four times in recent months. Surely,
    they should have figured out how to put a stop to this by now?
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