Re: [ISN] Why I should have the right to kill a malicious process on your machine

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Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 00:56:48 PST

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    While this thread has been interesting thus far, I think that it's
    reached an impass, b/c, well, unfortunately, we aren't discussing it
    on an even playing field.  Take Thor's comment regard Schultz's
    research behind his comments, and Jericho's response (below):
    > I did no research on it either, and plan to read your paper this
    > weekend. So far, from what I have seen, there has been absolutely
    > *0* new input brought up. No new ideas gets the same response as
    > others.
    Of course, you've seen no new input.  You haven't even read the paper
    (at the time you wrote your comments).  I think open discussion on the
    topic is necessary...but what use is that discussion when no one
    bothers to read what Thor's written on the topic?  I've noticed in
    Thor's comments that he keeps referring back to the paper.
    I'm not trying to quash the discussion...just saying that if we're
    going to discuss it, we should all get on board.  And yes, I have read
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