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Date: Fri Jan 24 2003 - 02:27:28 PST

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    By Patrick Gray, ZDNet Australia
    21 January 2003
    A self-proclaimed "security conference for the Australian hacker
    community, organised by the Australian hacker community" has been set
    down for Sydney in April.
    According to the conference organisers, Ruxcon focuses on "offensive"  
    hacking techniques, as well as defensive security methodologies
    designed to combat them. The conference will allow attendees to refine
    their capabilities, potentially leading to an increase in the general
    skill-level of Australian hackers.
    However the group organising the event claim that it's not just for
    "underground" hackers, but is "...an attempt to bring together the
    individual talents of the Australian computer security sector".
    Kdz, one of the self-described "sometimes underground" hackers in
    charge of organising the conference, says for too long vendors have
    dominated security events. He said it was time to organise a
    conference that took the focus off products and put it back on
    disseminating technical information.
    "We did not want to turn the conference into a sales and marketing
    exercise for security companies. The typical security conferences you
    see in Australia today are all about selling products and services,"  
    Kdz told ZDNet Australia .
    The Ruxcon conference will be held over two days, and will feature
    hacking competitions, presentations and "hands-on" workshops.
    Kdz says the idea for the conference had been bouncing around for a
    few years. He said the conference was originally going to be held in a
    scout hall, "...but the project never successfully took off".
    But, older and wiser, Kdz says this time "...we are better organised
    and are attempting to reach a wider audience".
    Despite Kdz's assertion that the conference is for everyone, there
    will be a strong underground attendance. Rumours are circulating that
    several "invitation only" events and informal workshops will be held
    for the more elite members of Australia's hacking underground.
    "As with any cool conference, there will of course be invite only
    dinners, pub crawls, etc," Kdz said.
    Ruxcon is being held at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) on
    the 12th-13th of April. Ruxcon have no official tie to UTS.
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