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Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 03:04:32 PST

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    By Brian Sizemore 
    January 23m 2003
    Washington DC - A group of hackers, crackers and malicious code
    writers filed suit today against several prominent businesses and
    organizations, insisting that they should receive health care and
    retirement benefits for their work at the companies' web sites.  
    Amongst the companies and organizations listed in the lawsuit were the
    Department of Defense (DoD), Amazon, Microsoft, and of course the
    "I read about how eBay is providing health benefits to its sellers,
    and I thought, if they can get it, why not me?" stated William
    Kenowitz, aka Phr1d4y. "I mean, damn, I spend as much time on-line as
    some power seller, and if I come down with the flu, that can take me
    away from checking out CNN's perimeter defenses for a week, maybe
    Fellow claimant Ganesh Rudhi agreed. "I was working some huge hours
    putting the final touches on my fourth DDOS attack against the RIAA
    website when, bang, I pulled a back muscle while hunched over my
    laptop. It cost me a bloody fortune at the emergency room, and by the
    time I could get back online, they had changed their firewall
    configuration. Wasted weeks of effort for nothing."
    The hacking community is predominately composed of high school and
    college students due to the availability of health coverage by
    hackers' parents or schools. Oftentimes as soon as that coverage ends,
    however, so does a hacker's career in favor of one that will provide
    needed benefits.
    Attorney Sam Tonning made an official statement after filing the
    lawsuit in court. "These people are hard working Americans, and they
    deserve the same fundamental protection as the rest of the working
    community. Their actions force Microsoft into actually fixing their
    software, and keep thousands of people employed at companies like
    Symantec, ZoneLabs and SANS. It is simply unethical for society to
    allow them to fall through the cracks without simple health care or
    retirement plans."
    A self-styled hacker only known as "bUbBlEs" added, "We only want
    what's fair. That Mitnick guy got free room and board from the
    government for five years. We're not going that far. Me, I'd be happy
    with a 401k account matched by the DoD." When notified that the
    military does not use 401k accounts, bUbBlEs exclaimed, "You gotta be
    kidding - that's even worse than us. All right, I'll take shares of
    Microsoft instead." Microsoft stock lost 1.26 on the news.
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