RE: [ISN] Symantec's "Submit a Deal" Flawed

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Sun Feb 02 2003 - 22:24:05 PST

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    Forwarded from: Rob Rosenberger <junkmailat_private>
    A story on exposed a confidential proposal to sell Vmyths to
    Symantec.  InfoSec News reprinted the story.  I encourage you to first
    read,1377,57438,00.html and
    then come back to this email.
    I want to stress an important point -- our editorial staff CANNOT
    control the sale of Vmyths.  Our investor can sell it to anyone for
    any price.  On the other hand, our investor cannot control what you
    read at Vmyths.  This "separation of church and state" is dictated by
    the contracts that formed Vmyths.
    I negotiated with our investor for the two contracts that formed
    Vmyths.  I blame myself, and only myself, for failing to reserve
    "editorial integrity" rights over the sale.  I personally apologize to
    our readers and our editorial staff for my failure.
    The front page of Vmyths boasts "this site is NOT sponsored by
    antivirus companies."  In fact, Vmyths has operated since 9/11/01 with
    NO real source of income.  George C. Smith and I have done our jobs
    for at least a year with no paychecks.  Our investor continues to
    support Vmyths with hardware & bandwidth, and I believe they will
    continue to support us.
    Please don't underestimate our investor's support.  Vmyths takes up a
    large chunk of their OC-3 bandwidth and they repel all sorts of
    attacks aimed at their web servers.  I'm truly grateful to our
    investor for doing so much for Vmyths despite our lack of income...
    ...and I'm truly UPSET with Symantec for failing to secure the
    computer that stored hundreds of confidential business proposals.  It
    appears Symantec took the data offline, yet they have so far refused
    to accept responsibility for exposing it.  They refuse to apologize.
    Reporter Brian McWilliams asked me some pointed questions about the
    sale of Vmyths.  I will publish my verbatim answers in an upcoming
    column.  (Memo to our investor: if you have a problem with this, you
    can take it up with Symantec.)
    Let me repeat -- our editorial staff CANNOT control the sale of
    Vmyths. Again, I apologize.  On the other hand, our investor cannot
    control what you read at Vmyths.  I encourage you to submit any
    comments & criticism for publication.  Please visit for details.
    Or write to VeaCulpaat_private if you want to give us your thoughts
    in private.  Unlike Symantec, we'll keep it strictly confidential...
    Rob Rosenberger, editor
    PS: InfoSec News doesn't reprint Vmyths material for some reason.  
        Go figure.  I hope you'll drop by our site to read my answers to 
        the reporter's questions.
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