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From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Tue Feb 18 2003 - 00:43:45 PST

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    First off, did anyone expect the ending of "Joe Millionaire" the way 
    it ended up, or what? :)
    Basically this note is in regards to replies on the list, a good
    number of ISN subscribers love the list when its just straight news
    and no replies, and there's many of you tha like the list for the
    professional insight gained from their peers, so I'm going to try
    something out.
    I'm going try and send out a digest of the best of the best replies
    for a particular subject, as that should help cut down on the traffic
    to the list.
    There's some incredible feedback from all of you in regards to
    offering free AV and personal firewall software, and theres a bunch of
    replies on the enterprising young fellow who thought hacking his
    grades was a good idea but posting all of it would clog up the list
    for at least a week or more.
    I got pretty swamped with a project here for trying this out tonight,
    so I will try and queue up a bunch of replies for Wednesday's batch of
    InfoSec News and we can test this out for a few weeks.
    Anyone watching "24"? :)
    William Knowles
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