[ISN] Moderators note: Mail loops

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 00:28:25 PST

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    For those you that can't get enough InfoSec News, a mail loop caused
    by a subscriber made sure that you recieved a second helping of the
    March 6th batch of news.
    This happens way too often and if you have time today, please look
    over your network for configuration errors, today's possible mail
    loop could become tomorrow's embarrassing spam relay.
    Those of you that would like to 'Thank' the folks behind this, can
    mail the administrator of this network behind the loop. Its buried in
    the headers of the second batch.
    If you get a reply to the effect that its 'not their job' keeping that
    part of the network running right (an answer I was hearing quite alot
    today between the Illinois DMV and the Illinois EPA that various
    things weren't their jobs), remind them of the consequences of not
    going the extra mile, of those that maybe could have done something a
    little extra outside of the job paramaters, and maybe could have
    stopped the 19+ terrorists from crashing planes into the World Trade
    Centers, Pentagon and Somerset County Pennsylvania, but didn't,
    because its not their job.
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