[ISN] 18-yr-old Pakistani pleads guilty to hacking

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Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 23:23:20 PST

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    Associated Press
    March 14, 2003 
    A hacker, who breached the computer network at Sandia National
    Laboratories and posted an anti-Israeli message on the Eglin Air Force
    Base Web site pleaded guilty to computer and credit card fraud
    charges, the US attorney's office said.
    There were no known political or terrorist overtones to the breaches
    of four computer networks by 18-year-old Adil Yahya Zakaria Shakour of
    Los Angeles, Patty Pontello, a spokeswoman for federal prosecutors,
    Shakour penetrated the Florida air base's computer server repeatedly
    in April and May 2002, altering the Web page to denounce the Israeli
    advancement into Palestine and crediting the defacement to the "Anti
    India Crew".
    Shakour is a Pakistani who could face deportation after he completes a
    prison term of up to 15 years. He is set to be sentenced on June 12.  
    He has agreed to make restitution of approximately $100,000 for damage
    to the computer networks.
    More than $2,700 in damage was done to the Sandia Labs unclassified
    Web site in Livermore.
    Shakour also hacked into a computer of Mathews, North Carolina-based
    Cheaptaxforms.com, and obtained credit card information that he used
    to purchase more than $7,000 worth of items.
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