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    |  LinuxSecurity.com                        Linux Advisory Watch |
    |  July 25th, 2003                          Volume 4, Number 29a |
      Editors:     Dave Wreski                Benjamin Thomas
                   daveat_private     benat_private
    Linux Advisory Watch is a comprehensive newsletter that outlines the
    security vulnerabilitiaes that have been announced throughout the week.
    It includes pointers to updated packages and descriptions of each
    This week, advisories were released for apache, kernel, nfs-utils, cups,
    phpgroupware, fdclone, several, gnupg, phpgroupware, mpg123, mozilla,
    semi, ethereal, and xpdf.  The distributors include Conectiva, Debian,
    Guardian Digital's EnGarde Linux, Gentoo, Mandrake, Red Hat, Trustix,
    TurboLinux, and YellowDog Linux.
    When a child wants to get a candy bar at a local market, what normally
    happens?  Most often, the child pleads a case to his/her parents and hopes
    for the best.  If he/she is well behaved, the child may get the candy bar.
    However, if the child has recently been disobedient, the parent would
    probably refuse to buy it.  How does this relate to information security?
    A healthy security budget can be considered your candy bar.  It can be
    difficult to lock down a security budget.  In today.s sluggish economy,
    all money spent must be fully justified and approved.  How can decision
    makers in an organization be persuaded to spend adequate money on
    Decision makers in an organization need justification for every project.
    Rather than using FUD for persuasion, it can be more effective to prepare
    a business case for each project.  For example, if an upgrade to the
    current email server farm is seriously needed to better manage Spam and
    Viruses, a business case would be helpful to provide proper justification.
    Writing one forces the proper amount of research and consideration of
    What is normally found in a business case?  Generally, an executive
    summary is the first major section included.  It should be no more than a
    single type written page, and summarize all information found in the
    remaining portion of the document.  It is advisable to write the executive
    summary last.  Next, it is logical to include an introduction section.
    This section should provide background information, the purpose of the
    particular business case, and information regarding the subject matter.
    It is a good idea to provide a bulleted list with key goals & objectives,
    and discuss organizational environmental factors.  The analysis portion of
    the newsletter should follow.  It should include an explanation of the
    project goals & objectives, the scope, justification of business risks,
    and alternative solutions.  Finally, the business case should include a
    section on business impact.  This should include benefits, a high-level
    ROI analysis, proposed time frame, and a listing of project risks.
    Business cases can be written many different ways.  It is most important
    that the audience is considered.  More information can on writing business
    cases can be found on Google.  Also, if you contact me, I can point you to
    several helpful resources.
    Until next time,
    Benjamin D. Thomas
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    every person.
    |  Distribution: Conectiva        | ----------------------------//
     7/22/2003 - nfs-utils buffer overflow vulnerability
       denial of service vulnerability
     7/22/2003 - kernel
       multiple vulnerabilities
     7/22/2003 - cups
       multiple vulnerabilities
     7/24/2003 - phpgroupware
       XSS vulnerability
     7/24/2003 - apache
       denial of service vulnerability
    |  Distribution: Debian           | ----------------------------//
     7/24/2003 - fdclone
       insecure tmp file vulnerability
    |  Distribution: EnGarde          | ----------------------------//
     7/24/2003 - several
       local 'kernel' vulnerabilities
    |  Distribution: Gentoo           | ----------------------------//
     7/19/2003 - gnupg
       Unauthorized acess
     7/19/2003 - nfs-utils Denial of service
       Unauthorized acess
    |  Distribution: Mandrake         | ----------------------------//
     7/24/2003 - phpgroupware
       multiple vulnerabilities
     7/24/2003 - xpdf
       arbitrary command execution vulnerability
     7/24/2003 - mpg123
       denial of service vulnerability
    |  Distribution: Red Hat          | ----------------------------//
     7/21/2003 - 2.4 kernel mulitple vulnerabilities
       denial of service vulnerability
     7/21/2003 - mozilla
       heap overflow vulnerability
     7/24/2003 - semi
       arbitrary code execution vulnerability
    |  Distribution: Trustix          | ----------------------------//
     7/18/2003 - 'nfs-utils' Denial of Service
       arbitrary code execution vulnerability
    |  Distribution: TurboLinux       | ----------------------------//
     7/24/2003 - nfs-utils off-by-one vulnerability
       arbitrary code execution vulnerability
    |  Distribution: YDL              | ----------------------------//
     7/18/2003 - nfs-utils Buffer overflow vulnerability
       arbitrary code execution vulnerability
     7/18/2003 - ethereal
       Multiple vulnerabilities
     7/24/2003 - semi
       arbitrary code execution vulnerability
     7/24/2003 - xpdf
       arbitrary command execution vulnerability
    Distributed by: Guardian Digital, Inc.                LinuxSecurity.com
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