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    For Immediate Release
    Mark Anderson, Conference Organizer
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    http://www.hivercon.com/ -- Hivercon Security today announced the final 
    speaker line-up for its winter conference. HiverCon 2003 is the second 
    annual corporate security conference, organized to bring together the 
    leading figures from the world stage of information security for two days 
    of discussion and open debate. The HiverCon conferences are the only 
    European centric events that concentrate on deep level technical knowledge. 
    This year's conference will be held November 6th-7th in the Davenport Hotel 
    in the heart of Dublin city, Ireland.
    Ten industry leaders will guide the audience through the security minefield, 
    providing them with a map highlighting the dangers that are already apon us
    and forecasting those that are on the horizon. Following the success of the 
    first HiverCon conference, this year's event won't stray from the goal of 
    teaching the mentality of the hacker - the education you cannot get in any 
    Below are details of the speakers and their talks.
    -- Richard Thieme (ThiemeWorks, USA) - Keynote Speaker 
    'Hacker Generations: From Network Warfare to Perception Warfare'
    Opening the show as the keynote speaker again this year will be the industry 
    visionary Richard Thieme. Richard is not an easy man to pigeonhole, having
    been described as 'a father figure for the online culture' by the London
    Sunday Telegraph and 'a keen observer of hacker culture' by Le Monde. His
    keynote speech, entitled 'Hacker Generations: From Network Warfare to 
    Perception Warfare', is a call to arms to accept responsibility for the life 
    and death battle being waged for the hearts and minds of digital humanity.
    -- Jeremy Morton (Purdue University, USA) 
    'Biometric Security Implementation in Airports'
    A new comer to the HiverCon conferences, Jeremy Morton comes to us from
    Purdue University. Jeremy's research and evaluation of biometric security 
    has been in "real world" applications and testing. He currently manages the 
    implementation of facial recognition at Purdue's airport. He researched the 
    preliminary data necessary for a successful trial and helped design a system 
    to incorporate that data successfully. He will also be managing the 
    implementation of new technologies integrated on this unique system in the 
    future. This project was one of the first of its kind, and also one of the 
    most successful. Jeremy will also demonstrate a working model of the setup
    used at Purdue, using audience members as pseudo terrorists.
    -- Jan Rutkowski (Politechnika Warsawska, Poland)
    'Advanced Windows 2000 Rootkit Detection (Execution Path Analysis)'
    One of the most important problems posed by information security is how to
    check if a given system has been compromised or not. Jan Rutkowski will fly
    in from Poland to take us through the world of rootkits, the tools used by
    hackers to avoid detection on a newly compromised system and to ensure
    continued access through backdoors. Jan's research will present a newly
    developed technique centered around rootkit detection on the Windows
    -- Chris Davis (USA)
    'Router Sculduggery: The Utility of Network Devices for Attack and Defense'
    Chris Davis has been working in information technology for 9 years, and 
    in his own words 'sees no reason to stop chasing his tail anytime soon'. 
    His talk will explore the growing trend of using a corporations own 
    equipment against itself. The talk will cover how an attacker can easily 
    escalate his privileges within a network, turn the firewall against itself, 
    attack hosts outside of the router's domain, while discussing new attack 
    vectors that assist in accomplishing these attacks. These attacks are 
    implemented in the new tool called Hearse, which will be demonstrated in 
    conjunction with a Cisco router and released during the presentation.
    -- Neil Costigan & Noel McCullagh (DCU, Ireland) 
    'Identity Based Encryption'
    The next talk in the line-up will be given by two home grown researchers
    from Dublin City University. Neil Costigan and Noel McCullagh will discuss
    the new world of Identity Based Encryption. The Public Key Infrastructure 
    (PKI) has a number of limitations which require costly infrastructure 
    to be put in place. Its complexity has meant that the vast majority of 
    email traffic is still completely unprotected, despite awareness of the 
    risks. An alternative is Identity Based Encryption (IBE). An IBE scheme 
    is an elliptic curve based public-key cryptosystem where any string 
    (an email address for instance) is a valid public key. The talk will 
    include a live demonstration of a software suite which implements IBE 
    for email messaging.
    -- George Lekatis (MD5 SA, Greece) 
    'Computer Crime - Law, Digital Evidence and Investigation in Europe'
    The United States and the European Union are the largest economies of the 
    world. Every day, they are becoming more interdependent. The business 
    communities of both sides try to find a common language in order to save 
    considerable time and cost. But, there are different legal and political 
    cultures, and this creates problems and conflicts. George Lekatis will
    cast these problems under a bright, probing light and will discuss the
    the differences, the similarities and the pitfalls.
    -- Dan Kaminsky (Avaya, Doxpara, USA) 
    'Stack Black Ops: New Concepts for Network Manipulation'
    An old hat to the HiverCon conferences, Dan Kaminsky will grace our
    stage once again. Dan is known for his creative use of standards and 
    protocols to yield unexpected functionality and this talk will be no
    exception. Promising to demonstrate new code as well as release it at
    the conference, there is simply too much content to cover here - an 
    unmissable talk for certain.
    -- Simple Nomad (Bindview, NMRC, USA) 
    'Covering Your Tracks'
    By day he works as a senior security analyst for Bindview Corporation. 
    By night he is the lead member of the Nomad Mobile Research Center. 
    Known as an expert in privacy and anonymity. Mark Loveless (aka Simple 
    Nomad) will present a paper entitled 'Covering Your Tracks'. Encryption 
    and covert channels are nothing new, but using these types of tools to 
    prepare and send messages across the Internet leaves openings for 
    nefarious parties to recover messages and spot the communications. To 
    thwart this, crypto tools need to secure the endpoints and communication 
    tools need to leverage TCP/IP behavior to hide the endpoints. Two tools
    ncrypt and ncovert will be released at the conference and will be used
    to demonstrate this capability. 
    -- Ofir Arkin (Sys-Security, Honeynet, Israel) 
    'Xprobe2 - Next Stages of Development and Research'
    Ofir Arkin is the lead developer of the operating system fingerprinting
    tool Xprobe2. The talk will explain why traditional active operating system 
    fingerprinting methods suffer from a number of caveats, and how these 
    issues directly affects the results different fingerprinting tools, relying 
    on these methods, produce.  During the talk Ofir will introduce several new 
    advancements in the field of active operating system fingerprinting which 
    greatly increase accuracy. A demonstration will be given, and the audience 
    will be encouraged to participate in a discussion. A new version of Xprobe2 
    will also be released during the talk. 
    -- Jaya Baloo (The Netherlands)
    'Jack be Nimble - Advances in Quantum Cryptography'
    Jaya will discuss the technology and implications of quantum crypto. After 
    covering the general scientific precepts, she will explore the actual 
    attempts at implementation. The second half of the presentation will deal 
    with how vendors have managed to take the theory of the lab and put it into 
    practice as commercial products. Finally Jaya will demo a real time quantum 
    crypto session. 
    To register for HiverCon 2003, visit the conference website at
    http://www.hivercon.com/ or contact salesat_private
    For press registration, contact Mark Anderson at markat_private or by
    phone at +353(0)1-2834606.
    About Hivercon Limited
    Hivercon Limited was originally founded to run the annual HiverCon corporate
    security conferences. Following the success of the first conference the 
    company expanding into providing innovative services to its client base. For
    more information about Hivercon's security offerings please visit
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