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Date: Sun Sep 07 2003 - 22:20:11 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Sara Hollins <saraat_private>
    Issue 8 of the ISO 17799 Newsletter will today be released. This
    quarterly publication covers news and developments with  respect to the
    international information security standard.
    The latest edition covers the following topics:
    1)  Obtaining ISO17799
    2)  Recent Internet Attacks 
    3)  ISO17799 Critical Success Factors
    4)  Control Types 
    5)  ISO17799 Section 11 - The North American Blackout
    6)  ISO17799: a World Wide Phenomenon
    7)  Business Continuity Emergency Types
    8)  Back-Up and Recovery Strategy
    9)  More Frequently Asked ISO17799 Questions
    10) Service Availability and the SLA
    11) ISO 17799 Related Terms and Definitions
    12) It Couldn't Happen Here.... Could It?
    This issue can be viewed directly from the publishers web site:  
    http://www.iso17799-web.com/issue8.htm and is free to subscribers.
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