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Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 23:19:03 PDT

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    [I'll never understand how organizations lose laptops when it only
    takes less than thirty seconds to lock the laptop to something secure.
    While I am teaching a class this week, and it does look a little odd,
    anyone that wants my laptop when I am not in my hotel room will have
    to take the toilet with them. :)  - WK]
    September 10, 2003
    A LAPTOP computer carrying details of Australia's maritime security 
    has been stolen from the Canberra headquarters of the Department of 
    Transport, according to a report.
    The theft, which is being investigated by the Australian Federal 
    Police, comes on top of Customs computers being stolen from Sydney 
    airport last month. 
    Thieves used an electronic swipe card to enter the Transport 
    Department headquarters on August 22 before forcing their way into the 
    security section, the Herald Sun report said. 
    Cash, personal property and office equipment were stolen, along with 
    the laptop, which contained a Powerpoint presentation on Australia's 
    maritime security. 
    Authorities were concerned that shipping containers could be used to 
    smuggle biological or radiological weapons into Australia, the report 
    The Federal Government is preparing to spend $100 million on 
    anti-terrorist measures at container and bulk handling terminals 
    nationwide, the Herald Sun said. 
    Departmental sources told the newspaper the robbers appeared to have 
    had an intimate knowledge of the office's layout. 
    A spokeswoman for the department told the Herald Sun the theft had not 
    compromised national security. 
    "No classified information was taken," she said. 
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