[ISN] Hacker put details on web in spite

From: InfoSec News (isnat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 17 2003 - 01:20:51 PDT

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    A 14-year-old hacker put 895 customer records of Hamilton internet
    provider Net4U on the web in an act of spite.
    The information included the names, addresses and telephone numbers,
    as well as email addresses, passwords and customers' credit card
    numbers with expiry dates.
    Net4U customer Dan Clark of Scarfies.net in Dunedin said he was
    outraged his details had been put on the web. He had been happy with
    Net4U's overall service, but "in terms of security, they've obviously
    got a lot to learn still" and planned to move off the internet
    provider soon.
    Another Net4U customer, Adam Dinneen of Christchurch, contacted the
    Herald and said he was made aware of the website with the customer
    records on the file swapping DC++ service and found his personal
    details and credit card number on it. He had cancelled his credit card
    and would lay a complaint with the police.
    The site showing the credit card details is hosted by another internet
    provider, Orcon of Albany. Orcon's managing director, Seeby Woodhouse,
    whose details were also found in the database, told the Herald he did
    not know who had put up the site, as the internet provider offered
    free websites for customers.
    "It's probably someone who doesn't like us or Net4U very much," Mr
    Woodhouse said, after being read out a profane message left for
    Orcon's system administrator, Craig Whitmore, on the hacker's site.
    An email address left on the website leads to a domain registered by a
    Conrad Gair of Newmarket. However, the contact email address in the
    registration details belongs to a 14-year-old who was a former
    employee of Net4U.
    The hacker admitted publishing the site at Orcon and also on a United
    States web hosting service. He told the Herald he now regretted
    putting up the sites. He said his motive was to get back at Sahil
    Gupta, the owner of Net4U.
    Mr Gupta did not respond to telephone and email messages before
    The office of the Privacy Commissioner advises Net4U customers
    concerned that their privacy may have been breached to contact it.
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