[ISN] Technology Firm With Ties to Microsoft Fires Executive Over Criticism

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Date: Fri Sep 26 2003 - 01:24:44 PDT

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    Forwarded from: Richard Forno <rforno@private>
    Very disturbing developments.....and we wonder why IT security will never
    really improve....look no further than this story to learn why.
    By Ted Bridis
    The Associated Press
    WASHINGTON (AP) - The chief technology officer for a technology firm
    that works closely with Microsoft Corp. lost his job after he helped
    write a study critical of the insecurity of Microsoft software.
    Daniel E. Geer Jr., an expert with nearly three decades studying
    technology and computer security, learned Thursday he was no longer
    employed by AtStake Inc. of Cambridge, Mass.
    (if he did this report w/o telling anyone at his company, I can
    understand why they might've fired him, particularly since he's an
    executive and that carries some PR value/perception.......rf)
    < snip >
    But critics said Geer's firing was reflective of Microsoft's
    far-reaching ability in Washington and across the technology industry
    to silence experts who complain about weaknesses in its software or
    its aggressive business practices. The Justice Department struggled
    years ago to find technology executives willing to testify against
    Microsoft in its antitrust trial.
    < snip >
    The CCIA trade group also ran into trouble Thursday when it sought to
    send a paid announcement about its critical Microsoft report to
    140,000 subscribers of popular trade magazines for chief security
    officers and chief information officers.
    The publisher for CIO and CSO magazines, CXO Media Inc., offers such
    announcements "to target a specific market segment of our audience by
    designing a list of prospects for direct mail and e-mail purposes."
    But in this case, the subject was too touchy.  (too touchy?  And the
    untold reams of MS security bulletins clogging our inboxes each week,
    and the money we loose each year dealing with MS' crap ISN'T a touchy
    "We find it is too sensitive of material to send out. I'm sorry to be
    the bearer of bad news, but I have to deny your request," according to
    an e-mail from the publisher obtained by The Associated Press.
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