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    Every time someone signs off InfoSec News, I manually type out a note
    wondering why you've signed off the list, for the most part its
    usually because someone is changing addresses, taking a vacation, or
    leaving for a better opportunity.
    A troubling trend is people finally tossing up their hands in the air
    and leaving the industry altogether, so with Ben's permission, I've
    posted his debrief note for everyone.
    - William
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    Well to be honest it was to prevent my in box filling up. Im planning
    on going to central america (honduras to be exact), and becoming a
    dive instructor, so my email access is gonna be a little flakey.
    I have also had enough of the corporate world of information
    technology and the companies i seem to end up working for. It is no
    longer something I can do when a company is purely concerned with the
    year end results, so they can show the market and shareholders just
    how well they have achieved the extra 5 percent in revenue, without
    explaining that the only reason they can do this is by stretching
    staff and reducing quality of the final product. I find that i cannot
    work for something no longer if I cannot believe in what I am doing.
    I quit my it job about 5 weeks ago in a fit of pique.
    But on the up side, i am more interested in how individuals utilise
    the technology they now have available to them. The prevalence of
    Windows security vunerabilities and the fact they are now slammed into
    the faces of the average user is an interesting thing to watch, if
    also a little worrying. I think i am right in saying that in many
    years time when the history of the 'information revolution' is a
    subject in itself, this particular time is is going to be as important
    as the start of the personal computer.
    So with all this in mind, when I am back from whatever course i take
    It is safe to say that I will be subscribing to ISN again. It has
    always been interesting to read the views of a variety of
    sources...and im still a geek who still believes that the single
    biggest thing that would improve security in most places, is common
    So probably more than you asked for...
    Have a blast.
    On 2 Nov 2003, at 08:52, William Knowles wrote:
    > Hello Ben,
    > I see that you just signed off the ISN list, and I was curious why?
    > Thanks!
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