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    June 12th and 13th, 2004
    The Westin Los Angeles Airport
    Los Angeles, CA
    LayerOne is now officially accepting papers and presentations for our
    first session, tentatively scheduled for June 12th and 13th, 2004. We
    are looking for people to speak on a broad range of topics, however we
    encourage all submissions.  Since the target audience will consist of
    mainly technophiles we've gathered a list of some of the topics we'd
    love to see covered below...
        :: Peer To Peer Networks
              :: Securing
              :: New models
        :: Network Security
              :: Flaws with current protocols
              :: Techniques for hardening
        :: Community based tools
              :: Social software models
              :: Weblogs
        :: Encryption
              :: Securing your files
              :: Implementation
        :: Telephony
              :: VoIP
        :: Copyright Issues
              :: Releasing works into the public domain
              :: Creative Commons
    Please note that papers that have been presented previously at other
    conventions may not necessarily be accepted for presentation at LayerOne
    Of course this shouldn't discourage you from from turning something in,
    however LayerOne was started to bring something new to the table.  We
    didn't start this convention so you can rehash your talk on WiFi that
    you gave at another convention two years ago.  It's all about
    keeping things fresh.
    You should include the following information in your submission:
    	:: Presentation name
    	:: A one sentence synopsis of your presentation
    	:: A longer one to three paragraph synopsis or short outline of
               what you plan on covering in your presentation
    	:: Names and URLs of presenter[s]
    	:: One paragraph biography of [each] presenter
    Once you get all of that together ship it off to:
              cfp [at] layerone [dot] info
    And try to mail it out no later than February 15, 2004.  Keep in mind
    that if we receive your proposal by or before the cut off date for the
    first round [see below] that will weigh heavily in your favor when it
    comes to making a decision on who we have room for.
    The first round of papers and proposals will be due on January 11, 2004.
    All papers turned in on the 11th will receive either an acception,
    rejection or deferral notice by January 25, 2004.  The second round of
    papers and proposals will be due on February 15, 2004.  Our final
    decisions regarding papers and proposals will be mailed out on February
    29, 2004.
    Keep in mind that since this is our first year we're starting out small.
    This means we will only have a single track of speaking.  Although we
    only have one speaking track, please bear in mind that your talk will
    need to hold an audience's attention for an hour.
    If the presentation is based on code or a particular technique the
    presenter must be one of the developers of the code/technique and be
    prepared to perform a demonstration.  Presentations will be limited to
    one hour.  How you divide your time between presentation and Q&A is up
    to you.  If you think your presentation will take longer please advise
    us when you turn in your proposal and we will take your needs into
    We look forward to reading over your submissions, most of which we are
    sure will be outstanding.  Once again, if you have any questions or
    submissions please mail cfp [at] layerone [dot] info.  Thank you for
    your time.
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