[ISN] Hacker offers to shut Putin's website

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Date: Mon Jun 14 2004 - 01:13:12 PDT

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    Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow
    June 12, 2004
    The Guardian 
    In the spirit of the free market computer hackers in Russia have put
    their services up for sale, offering to "take out" any website for a
    Several hackers have posted a menu of services on the internet. The
    most popular is a Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, in which a
    website and server can be disabled by being bombarded with emails and
    other information.
    These tactics have been used against large software companies such as
    Microsoft, disliked by some hackers for its monopoly on software. The
    MyDoom.B virus was used to try to shut down the website Microsoft.com
    through a DDoS attack earlier this year.
    The hackers' services were easily found by the Guardian.
    One, forum.carderplanet.cc, carries a request from a user called jm
    electron, who seeks "people who can do quite powerful DDoS attacks".  
    TomCat replies that he is able to assist.
    The Vedomosti newspaper reported on Thursday that one hacker, Masha,
    offered to shut down any website for six hours for $60 (33). The
    official website of President Vladimir Putin, kremlin.ru, could be
    shut down for a week for $2,000, said Masha.
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