[ISN] Nine PCs stolen from NHS hospital

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Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 07:32:22 PDT

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    By Lucy Sherriff
    17th June 2004 
    A gang of thieves has stolen NHS computers containing eight years of
    confidential patient data from the pathology department of the Royal
    Shewsbury Hospital in Shropshire.
    The break-in on Monday night - which was captured on CCTV video - has
    caused severe disruption to the targeted department since the
    computers contained medical data, photography, emails and teaching
    "The information hasn't been lost forever, because we back everything
    up on a daily basis," said NHS spokesman Phil Hipkiss. "But it is a
    real hassle, and no-one here is especially happy that patients'
    medical records have been compromised like this."
    There is no suggestion that the break in was specifically aimed at
    gaining patient information. All the stolen items - nine PCs and a
    laptop - were described as "saleable". "They left a lot of other,
    bulkier stuff behind," Hipkiss told The Register.
    He went on to say that this was the first incident of its kind at the
    hospital, although the nearby Princess Royal Hospital in Telford
    suffered a similar break-in last year. In that case, however, the
    computers stolen were in a very publicly-accessible area. The
    computers lifted from the pathology department were not, suggesting
    the robbers may have known their way around.
    Shropshire police are now examining the CCTV footage for clues, and
    have appealed for members of the public to come forward if they are
    offered the machines for sale.
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