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Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 04:00:39 PDT

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    By Humphrey Cheung 
    June 22, 2004 
    THG regularly covers LAN Parties, during which gamers drink, socialize 
    and, of course, play games. However, hackers and other technology 
    professionals have also been doing this for several years at 
    conventions such as Defcon, Toorcon and more recently at (LayerOne) 
    the first annual LayerOne conference June 12-13 at the Westin Hotel 
    near the Los Angeles International Airport. 
    The main attraction of these hacker conventions is the informative 
    talks given by technology experts. They range from legal advice to 
    technical wizardry. Social events such as free alcohol and evening 
    parties also help bring security professionals, law enforcement and 
    hackers together for fun and mayhem. 
    Are these conventions for you? How does the LayerOne conference 
    compare with the massive Defcon Hacker convention in Las Vegas? Read 
    on and find out. 
    Who Goes To These Conventions? The Crowd. 
    The primary purpose of "hacker" conventions is to learn. Informative 
    and sometimes downright scary talks are given on the latest computer 
    vulnerabilities, legal situations and hacker lifestyles. The quality 
    of the talks attracts full-time computer security professionals, law 
    enforcement agents and the traditional hacker. Although the mix sounds 
    like a recipe for disaster, everyone seems to get along well. 
    While it is hard to state the percentages of hardcore hackers to 
    computer professionals, LayerOne seemed to attract a more sedate and 
    higher-end crowd. Defcon, which attracts about 6,000 people each 
    summer, seems to attract an even mix of young hackers to computer 
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