[ISN] Call for donations!

From: William Knowles (wk@private)
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 02:34:30 PDT

Call for donations for InfoSec News and C4I.org! 


Richard Clarke once said... 

"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you will be 
hacked. What's more, you deserve to be hacked." 

InfoSec News is always in a cash crunch. While we could start
accepting funds in lieu of sponsorship on the list, we would rather
take donations from subscribers to keep InfoSec News advertising free.  
It's sorely needed and helps a good cause!

For $1.00 at the local diner, you can buy a bottomless cup of coffee. 
At the local bookstore, a large three shot, double latte cappuccino is 
about $4.00. Ideally we'd like to see every InfoSec News subscriber 
sacrifice at least one or two days without his or her coffee to enable 
us to buy the equipment needed to not only continue the work we've 
been doing, but improve our services. 

In classic public broadcasting style, if you can make a donation of
$50 or more, we'll include this year's swank C4I.org shirt and a
sticker, and if you have donated $50 or more in the past, thank you
very much, I will be contacting you shortly for your shirt size!

Immediate and near term improvements such as a digest version of the
list have been implemented, (spam & worms have been stopped dead) a
server has been purchased, hosting has been taken care of and RSS
feeds of InfoSec News and other crucial security mailing lists will be
available soon, as well as the capability to run searches of past
InfoSec News articles.

A donation of $1 to $4 isn't a lot when you consider the work done 
behind the scenes here, such as dealing with Microsoft SMTPSVC, 
bounced mail, and dead addresses. Its no small feat finding, 
filtering, formatting, and analyzing the news stories that more than 
3800 information security, homeland defense, and open source 
intelligence professionals depend on a daily basis. 


Through PayPal we can accept donations in the following currencies: 
U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euro's, Pounds Sterling, & Yen. 

Using Amazon's Honor System, you can use your credit card without
retyping it if Amazon already has it on file. However, Amazon keeps
approximately 15 percent of each donation.

If you don't trust either one of those methods, that's OK, 
the mailing address here is...

Post Office Box 24 
Golf, Illinois 60029-0024 

Donations to C4I.org may be tax deductable, check with your tax 

Thank you for your consideration! 

William Knowles

"Communications without intelligence is noise;  Intelligence
without communications is irrelevant." Gen Alfred. M. Gray, USMC
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