[ISN] Two more from NIST

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Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 03:54:21 PDT


By Florence Olsen 
July 7, 2004 

Two new publications from the National Institute of Standards and
Technology provide technical help for government agencies and
businesses that are required to protect information systems.

One publication offers a starting point for organizations to
understand basic information security principles. The other gives
technical tips for setting up electronic authentication using
guidelines issued by Office of Management and Budget officials.

The first publication, NIST Special Publication 800-27 Revision A, is
titled "Engineering Principles for Information Technology Security."  
The second is NIST SP 800-63, "Electronic Authentication Guideline,"  
which defines technical requirements for identity proofing and
registration, identity tokens, authentication protocols and security

NIST SP 800-27 Revision A 

NIST SP 800-63 

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