[ISN] Heathrow Airport Anti-Terror Plans 'Found in Road'

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July 18, 2004 

LONDON (Reuters) - British police said on Sunday they had launched an
inquiry into how a secret police dossier went missing that according
to a newspaper report contained counter-terrorist plans for London's
Heathrow airport.

The dossier, found lying in a road, showed 62 sites at the airport
where al Qaeda was most likely to launch anti-aircraft missile
strikes, the Sun newspaper said in its Monday edition.

The Sun said the dossier included facts about surveillance, escape
routes, evacuation plans and deployment of rooftop snipers at the
world's busiest international hub.

The plans, which have since been returned to police, were found by a
motorist, the newspaper said.

A police spokeswoman could give no details about what the dossier
contained or where it was found, but confirmed it had been returned to

"We treat any breach of security extremely seriously," the spokeswoman

"We have launched an internal inquiry into the circumstances of how
these documents went missing and will take the appropriate action when
we have ascertained the facts surrounding this matter," the
spokeswoman said.

She could not confirm whether the dossier was compiled by the SO18
anti-terrorist Aviation Security team, which is based at Heathrow
police station.

According to The Sun, the papers contained detailed maps and
photographs, including aerial and satellite shots.

In one section, the dossier identified a field close to the airport as
being ideal for a terrorist attack. "This site affords an excellent
site to attack aircraft departing Heathrow," the Sun quoted from the
dossier, saying it included aerial and satellite photographs of the

Dated June 26 2004, the dossier gave surveillance and assessment
information valid until December, the newspaper said.

Ten years ago, the Irish Republican Army targeted Heathrow airport
with rocket attacks. None of the missiles packed with Semtex plastic
explosive detonated.

Security chiefs sent tanks into Heathrow last year after intelligence
pointed to a threatened missile attack.

This year, flights to the U.S. have been canceled amid fears of an al
Qaeda attack.

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