[ISN] The loss of a dear friend

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Date: Tue Mar 01 2005 - 01:49:18 PST

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Dear friends-

It is with a heart heavy with grief that I must inform you of the loss
of a dear friend to us all, Josh Cohen.

On February 22 at approximately 02:00 hours PST Seattle ATC received a
message from Josh who was piloting his Glasair, tail number N262WG,
stating he had a visual on the Crescent City airport and was
terminating radar service to switch to the local airport frequency for
his final approach.

The last radar contact showed him at 400 feet above ground executing a
270 degree turn. No further transmissions were received and radar
contact was lost at this time. The plane was found on February 23rd in
approximately 40 feet of water 100 yards off shore. The Coast Guard
has declared search and rescue operations terminated and have begun
salvage and recovery operations. They do not expect to find any

I have known Josh since Defcon 5 and he will be sorely missed by all.
For those who may not immediately remember him, he was the guy with
the RTD bus and the one who was the hotel liaison. Please see the link
below for more details.

Please find below a link with more details, a guestbook, and photo


May God bless us all and watch over us in this time of grief.


Bellua Cyber Security Asia 2005 -

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